For Library Staff

Yale University Library seeks to keep diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) at the heart of all that we do and offer, including our events, resources, services, policies, and experiences for our campus, local, and global communities.

We strive to create an inclusive working environment for all library staff. We hope to inspire your continued learning and growth in all your roles here and provide this list of resources that may be of interest as you navigate your work. 

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Training and Professional Development
Starred items (*) are particularly recommended for new staff.
Yale Library Learns*

Visit Yale Library Learns  to learn more about our orientation program for new and current employees. Contact Committee Chair Heather Gendron. 

Working at Yale Library*

The library’s mission, vision, strategic directions, and staff values guide our work on incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility  throughout our policies, programs, and resources. To learn more about about who we are as a staff community, where we work, and how we work, visit  Working at Yale Library and the resources below.

Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit

We are committed to having all of our managers complete the DeEtta Jones & Associates Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit (IMT) training, a ten-week virtual experience funded by the library. As a manager, you will gain inclusive and practical tools for leading and developing your team in ways that support the library’s vision for our staff community. Contact Yale Library DEIA to register or learn more. 

Inclusive Recruitment Strategies

We offer hiring managers and search committees a hiring guide, four-part training series, and sourcing list, with strategies and resources to help you align your searches with principles of equity and inclusion, and with the librarys goals for diverse staff recruitment and retention. Contact to learn more or request the materials.

DEIA Training

Yale’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) also offers staff trainings. Topics range from supporting affinity groups; understanding unconscious bias, stereotypes, and microaggressions; and developing workplace cultures of trust and respect. View a list of ODI trainings.

Additionally, library staff should view the monthly DEIA Digest for more information on training opportunities offered at Yale and beyond. Contact for more information.  

Staff Learning and Support
Staff Funding
  • DEIA Staff Development Program
    The library sponsors the professional development of its full-time employees in areas such as scholarship, work, teaching, and service that align with DEIA. Funding may be used for conferences, training programs, research, and other opportunities that improve staff members’ effectiveness and learning. Academic fees, such as tuition and application/exam fees, are not covered. This program supports clerical and technical and non-supervising managerial and professional staff members who have at least one year of employment at the library. Request guidelines.
  • Professional Development Grants
    Administered by the Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA), these grants support innovative research and investigative projects by the library’s managerial and professional staff. The grants provide financial assistance for projects that contribute to the Yale Library community through such avenues as scholarly research, creative program applications, program enrichment, or feasibility/pilot studies. Email SCOPA.
  • DEIA Event Funding
    The library offers funding to support exhibitions and events (film screenings, lectures, etc.) that explore and celebrate the histories, identities, and experiences of underrepresented people/communities, including race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, (dis)ability, religion/faith, etc. Get more information or request funding.
Staff Committees
  • The Advisory Committee on Library Staff Diversity and Inclusion advises library leadership on strengthening the culture of respect, equity, and inclusion and on recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce. To learn more or get involved, email Yale Library DEIA.
  • The Library Staff Climate Survey Task Force is responsible for implementing a climate survey through which the Leadership Executive Committee (LEC); the Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; and the Advisory Committee on Library Staff Diversity and Inclusion can learn about staff members’ work experiences and needs regarding DEIA. Survey results will directly inform the library’s action and accountability plans for improving our staff’s experiences in this area. To learn more, email Yale Library DEIA.
  • The Library Accessibility Initiatives Task Force is charged with completing various projects that strengthen the library’s accessibility efforts related to communications, staff training and resources, assessment and evaluation, and policy development. To learn more, email Yale Library DEIA.
  • The Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA) supports professional growth among librarians by creating and sponsoring lectures, training sessions, information sessions, and other events for the library staff. Email SCOPA.
  • The Library Staff Association (LiSA) promotes staff knowledge and development, morale, and staff relations by providing opportunities for the exchange of information among staff, welcoming new staff, and organizing social and cultural events.
  • For more information on DEIA groups and related staff efforts across the library, please visit Library DEIA Initiatives.
  • Library staff may also be interested in connecting with the Yale Office of Diversity and Inclusion affinity groups, employee resource groups that support recruitment, retention, education, advocacy, and community building.
Event Resources

The library is in the process of adapting these guidelines to our spaces and procedures through planning tools.  To request the planning tools or for more information, contact Yale Library DEIA

Accessibility Resources

The library is currently adapting these tools to library spaces and procedures through a planning guide. Contact Yale Library DEIA to request the guide or more information.

Bias Reporting

Yale does not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, disability, status as a special disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam era, or other covered veteran.

Acts of discrimination and harassment are contrary to the community standards and ideals of the library and our university. If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, been witness to a situation, or just need to talk, we encourage you to seek support. The resources and offices listed below can provide guidance and help you through informal or formal complaint procedures related to concerns of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and/or sexual misconduct:

Wellness and Safety Resources

The library encourages all staff members to prioritize their health, wellbeing, and safety. We invite you to to visit the websites below to learn about University services, programs, and events that may help you thrive.

Related University Resources

Library staff and prospective staff are encouraged to learn about the many DEIA-related resources and staff services available across our division and the University. See Related Resources

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