The collection’s primary function is to support research and teaching programs in the Chemistry Department along with related interdisciplinary areas in biology, environment, and physics.

The major research areas in the department are biophysical chemistry, chemical biology, green chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, synthetic chemistry and theoretical chemistry.

Departments/disciplines/programs/subject areas supported

Subject areas supported are bio-inorganic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, chemical biology, chemical physics, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physical-inorganic chemistry, physical-organic chemistry, synthetic-organic chemistry, and theoretical chemistry.

The Chemistry Department offers B.A., B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.


Chemistry selection within supported subject areas is maintained at the research level for graduate study. The research level is defined as where independent research with the published sources can be pursued.

Because of the importance of the journal literature to research in chemistry, serial subscriptions are given collection priority.  Online databases and reference works are preferred over print. Monographs are purchased selectively in print or electronic format based on relevance to departmental teaching and research, reviews, user requests, and faculty authors.

Formats collected

Formats and materials acquired generally

Research periodicals and scholarly monographs from academic, trade and professional society publishers are preferred. Reference works include indexing and abstracting databases, handbooks, encyclopedias, and compilations of chemical data. Electronic versions are preferred when available.

Formats and materials collected selectively or by request

  • Conference proceedings
  • Audio-visual material, optical disks, and technical reports

Formats not collected

  • Ephemera
  • Instructor’s manuals
  • Hardware and software manuals
  • Juvenile works
  • Pamphlets
  • Preprints
  • Manuscripts
  • Microform

Languages collected

Materials collected are in English.

Chronological and geographical focus

Current materials are emphasized.

No geographic areas are excluded.

Collaborations within Yale

The interdisciplinary nature of chemistry requires coordination between the selectors for biology, engineering, medicine and physics.

The selector for Bass Library is advised about titles for which high use is expected.

Subject Librarian

Engineering and Applied Science Librarian
(203) 432-7460