Library and Information Science


The library science collection supports the work and professional development of the librarians and library staff in the operation of Yale University Library. Items generally include professional literature centering on the following areas: collection development, digital management, preservation, metadata and cataloging, technical services, emerging technologies, archives and records management, special collections, user access, information literacy, library information technology, library administration, and other areas of professional interest. Reports on best library practices, trends, and the future of the libraries are also included.

Materials that are not collected include: textbooks, readers’ advisories, and products for which there are reliable, free, online alternatives. 

History of the Book material is covered in other collection development statements.

Library Department Collections

The materials collected as part of the library and information science collection are held in the general collection. The acquisition of desk copies in library departments are not supported in this program; these may be supported with department funds as determined by local needs.  

Formats collected

Online formats are preferred for both monographs and serials.


·  Academic and trade press monographs.

·  Selected conference proceedings.

Journals and databases

Online-only subscriptions are preferred; print subscriptions are initiated or continued when an online edition is not available, not stable, or not adequate. Print may be discarded.

Database subscription: Library Literature & Information Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson)

Languages collected

Material collected is mainly in English. Other languages are collected to support work in Yale Library’s foreign-language collections.  

Chronological and geographical focus

Primarily United States and selectively from other parts of the world.
Current materials are collected. 

Subject Librarian

Amauri Serrano
Collection Development Librarian
Collection Development
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