Modern Hellenic Studies


The primary focus of the collection is on Hellenic studies in general (Greece and Cyprus: Classical, Byzantine, and the Modern era). This includes imprint materials from Greece and Greek-language publications from the Greek diaspora. 

Departments/disciplines/programs/subject areas supported

Literature, language, linguistics, history, political science and politics, anthropology, folklore, archaeology, history of art and architecture, economics, philosophy, theater and film studies, women’s studies, geography, LGBTQ studies, and ethnology. 

Formats collected

Primarily print materials (books, serials, maps, etc.), also CD-ROM and video and audio formats. 

Languages collected

Modern Greek; also any other language having a Greek imprint (English, French, Italian, etc.).

Chronological and geographical focus

The primary chronological time period covers the end of the Classical period in the West to the present day. The primary area covered is the Hellenic world (Greece and Byzantium). 

Collaborations within Yale

  • Divinity Library
  • Music Library

Subject Librarian

Michael Printy
Librarian for Western European Humanities
Humanities Collections
Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support (DASHRS)
(203) 436-9215