The collection’s primary function is to support research and teaching programs in the Psychology Department, which offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The department’s primary research areas are neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social/personality psychology. 

A small collection of social work materials as well as most clinical materials are held at the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library. The Medical Historical Library holds a unique collection of rare medical books and journals. The letters of Stanley Milgram and audio-video tapes of his famous experiments are available in Manuscripts and Archives.

Departments/disciplines/programs/subject areas supported

Subject areas include: clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and social/personality psychology.  Scholars include faculty, research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates in Psychology and other programs (e.g., the School of Management). 

An “integrated Neuroscience Institute that unites research across the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) and Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) is being created. By integrating knowledge across scales, from molecular and cellular neuroscience to organismal behavior and cognition (systems neuroscience), the Institute will facilitate new fundamental insights into the function of the mind, the development of the brain and the causes and cures of neural disease.”

Formats collected

Formats and materials acquired generally

  • Scholarly journals (online preferred)
  • Monographs (print and online)
  • Collections of essays
  • Conference proceedings
  • Videos including clinical training
  • Material in the field of testing: including reference materials, textbooks, and major research studies

Formats and materials collected selectively or by request

  • Works addressed to a popular, non-scholarly audience are collected on a highly selective basis.
  • Textbooks requested by faculty for specific courses are purchased and put on reserve; otherwise, textbooks are purchased only in special circumstances, such a demonstrated need for overview sources on a particular subject, or for reference purposes.

Formats and materials not collected

  • Ephemera
  • Instructor’s materials
  • Juvenile works
  • Manuscripts
  • Preprints

Languages collected

Most materials are collected in English and in some Western European languages.  Selected works in other languages and writings of major psychologists are acquired in the original language are purchased by request.

Chronological and geographical focus

The library purchases current research material and selectively collects works related to classical theorists and research.

Subject Librarian

Gwyneth Crowley
Librarian for Economics, Psychology and Statistics and Data Science
Marx Science and Social Science Library
(203) 432-3213