Art, Rap, and Autonomous Revolution in Brazil with Galo de Luta

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Thursday, April 7, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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Paulo “Galo” Lima is a radical militant and rapper who is mobilizing grassroots resistance on the outskirts of São Paulo today. Working with Revolução Periférica, he achieved national fame in July 2021, when he led protesters setting fire to a statue of Borba Gato, a notorious bandeirante who personified practices of enslavement, rape, and indigenous genocide in colonial Brazil. Jailed with his partner Géssica and Danilo ‘Biu’ Silva de Oliveira for the action, Galo took his visceral rhymes and dialogues from the street to his cellmates in prison, where he continued to educate and inspire the growing insurgency. Whether by voice or by fire, whether on the street or in prison, Revolução Periférica fuses revolutionary imagination and action to create a living community seeking to fight against precarity, to retake the perifery, and reclaim the history of its struggles, experiences, and territories. Joining us with Fabiana Gibim and Gustavo Racy of the radical art publishing enterprise Sobinfluencia, Galo de Luta will lead us in a conversation about rap, resistance, and autonomous revolution in this dynamic movement of the Global South.
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