Long Night Against Procrastination: Finals Edition

a bulldog standing on a platform with blue chairs behind

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 8:00pm to 11:30pm
Bass Library Lo6-A
The Long Night Against Procrastination is for students who want to get serious work done. At this event, the library will provide a distraction-free, quiet environment for you to work… along with regular breaks for snacks and stretching (the “Pomodoro Method”). Writing Partners, Academic Strategy Partners, and librarians will be available for drop-in consultations. Attendees should try to identify a goal (i.e.: read a difficult text, work on a research paper) before attending. Students are free to come and go as they need. If you arrive late, please begin working quietly so as not to disturb others.
Basics of the Pomodoro Method:
Get comfortable!
Identify a large task.
Break the large task down into smaller tasks.
Decide which tasks to complete during each timed working interval. After each interval, take a short break.