Course Reserves Step-by-Step

Learn how to submit course reserve requests through Canvas.
Canvas users designated as either an instructor or teaching assistant (TA) will be able to add or edit course reserves. A users role may be changed by using the People Tool in Canvas. 
  • Reserves lists should be initiated by clicking the “course reserves” tool.
  • Please review the course reserve policies for print and electronic reserves before you submit your requsets.

Create Course Reserves Lists

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Select “Course Reserves” from the navigation pane on the left side of the webpage.
  3. Select your semester from the drop down menu in the center of the page. Then select “Create Course”
  4. On the following page, confirm your course information. Make sure you select a pickup location.
  5. Click “Modify class”. The page will refresh.
  6. To place a request to add course materials to your newly created class, click on the “Course Home” link.
  7. Click “Add Reserve Items”.

Request an Item for Reserve

Items can be added individually to a reserve list. This can be done even after items have been imported from a previous class.

  1. Click the link “Add Reserve Items” to add individual items to your reserve list.
  2. Fill in as much information as you know. The following information is required:
    • E-reserve Requests:
      • Article or Book Chapter Title
      • Book, Journal, or Work Title
      • Author/Editor
      • Date
    • Audio Visual Requests:
      • Title
      • Director, Composer, or Artist
      • Item Type (audio or video)
  3. Make a copyright consideration choice. For more information about Course Reserves copyright see Information for Faculty.
  4. Tag the item - students will be able to filter by these tags otherwise all materials will appear in one long list. For single digit numerals, use a 0 in front of the digit to keep everything in order (i.e. week 02, assignment 01).
  5. Let us know how to obtain the item:
    • I’ll upload a file: Upload a PDF to be placed on reserve. (eReserve only)
    • It’s already online: Provide us with a link that goes to the full text or full version of the item.
    • Let us find it: The library will take over sourcing the materials requested.
  6. If you are uploading a file, you will be prompted to select the file and upload it. Otherwise, you’re done - library staff will contact you if there are any questions or problems that merge while processing your request.

Import Items from a Previous Class

Reusing items from a previous class can save significant time in both data entry and reserves processing. This is also known as “cloning.”

Import Materials from a Previous List - Use this option if you want to pick and choose materials from previous courses to reuse

  1. Go to “Class Tools” and click “Add a Reserve Items”                                             
  2. Select the link at the top “Import materials from a previous list instead.”
  3. Select the items you’d like to reuse for the current semester
  4. Repeat these steps to clone items from multiple past courses

If you do not see the class or item you wish to import or need help, please contact your local reserves unit for support.

Contact Information

Have questions about reserves for your course? Connect with your local reserve unit for support.