Connecting to E-resources

Yale Library provides access to thousands of licensed electronic resources on and off-campus.
Whether you are on campus or at home, the easiest way to access Yale's e-resources is by starting in Quicksearch.

Connect from on Campus

On campus access to licensed e-resources is seamless if you connect using

  • A public workstation or other computer connected to Yale’s ethernet.
  • A device that is connected to the YaleSecure or Eduroam wi-fi networks.

Connect from off Campus

Off-campus access to licensed e-resources requires authentication. There are several options for making this connection based on how you like to work:

  • If you start your searches on a Yale Library website: Links in Quicksearch or on other library web pages will prompt you to log in with your NetID and password and connect you to e-resources. This is the preferred option for most researchers
  • If you start your searches on the web: Consider installing the Lean Library Access browser extension. Lean Library detects sites that are licensed by Yale Library and will prompt you to log in to enable access.
  • If you start your searches on the web and use other Yale systems that require the VPN: When you are logged into the VPN you will be able to access licensed e-resources. The VPN must be activated before your search session to work effectively.