Yale Sponsored Identities

Sponsored Identity is a category and process for granting access to individuals who have valid business reasons for physical access (ID card) and/or system access (NetID) to Yale resources, and are not a Student, Employee, Contingent Worker, Faculty or Alumni. Sponsored Identity type determines a patrons’ level of library access.
With a Yale-issued Access ID card, users designated as sponsored identities may have access to the following:
  • Book loan period: Varies depending on Sponsored Identity Type
  • Number of books/loans: Varies depending on Sponsored Identity Type
  • Number of Film Studies Archive Items: Varies depending on Sponsored Identity Type
  • Services: Depends on Sponsored Identity Type
  • Access to Sterling Memorial and Bass Library after 6 pm, when an ID is required to enter the building
  • NetID access to public computer terminals
  • Access to the Yale Secure network while on campus
  • May have VPN access, but not to library resources
To find out if you are eligible for borrowing privileges as a sponsored identity, please visit the service desk in Sterling Memorial Library during business hours or contact askyalelibrary@yale.edu. Bring your Yale-issued ID card and a government issued ID.