Chucho Martinez Padres ’23 opens senior fellowship exhibit “The Study of Things”

May 1, 2023

In the new exhibition The Study of Things: George Kubler in Latin America, curator and Senior Exhibit Fellow Chucho Martínez Padres ’23, surveys the influential work of art historian George Kubler PhD ’40, former professor in the department of art history at Yale.

From the 1930s on, Kubler traveled through Latin America, studying colonial architecture and its ancient influences. His 1962 book, The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things, which sets out his findings and theories, radically altered the study of the history of art and architecture.

Join curator Chucho Martínez Padres ’23—recipient of the program’s first summer research residency—on May 10 for a curator’s talk and reception in the exhibition corridor of Sterling Memorial Library.

Read more about Martínez Padres’s curatorial work and his research process.

Learn more about the Senior Exhibit Fellowship at Yale Library.

—Deborah Cannarella

Image: Detail of Mitla architectural ruins, Mexico. Print digitized from 35mm slide. Photo by George Kubler. Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library Special Collections