Photo gallery: Celebrating library staff and 1,245 combined years of dedicated service

  • Two women and one man pose for camera. Woman at left wears blue shirt, man has blue cap and orange shirt and holds plate of food. Woman at far right wears multicolored sweater, sunglasses, and red hairband
  • Four people seated at table with yellow tablecloth, two women on left, young woman in front wears yellow sweater, woman next to her wears black. Man at right wears red and white checked shirt, woman next to him wears dark jacket and headband
  • Two women and man in middle pose for camera. Woman at left wears glasses and long brown hair, man wears blue and green plaid shirt and has beard, woman next to him wears light denim jacket, pink shirt and large hoop earrings
  • Two women in sunshine on wooden bench. Both wear glasses. Woman at left wears glasses, purple shirt and blue jacket and holds plate of food. Woman at right wears checked shirt and white quilted vest, has long reddish hair and glasses
  • Two standing women hold drinks in plastic cubs, both wear blue jackets. Woman at left wears large sunglasses. They smile for the camera.
  • Three woman pose, one at left has white sweater and red pants, woman at center leans toward first and wears animal skin long coat, woman at right has short hair and black-rim glasses and wears a dark cardigan, bright blue top and jeans
  • Group of people surveying long table full of trays of sandwiches on yellow tablecloth
  • Several people in line selecting food. Six clear dispensers of beverages--two of ice tea, two of water with cucumber, and two with lemonade are in foreground. Barbara Rockenbach, first in line, wearing denim jacket, smiles as she fills cup.
  • Man and two women pose for camera, man has short reddish hair and bear and wears dark blue sweater and holds plate. Woman at center has red jacket, short blonde hair and dark rim glasses, woman at right wears maroon cap, dark rim glasses and dark sweatshirt and holds plate with a large sandwich.
  • Two women and man sit at table with yellow cloth. Woman at left wears black and white floral shirt and dark jacket, woman at center with blonde hair wears dark shirt and jacket. Man at end wears short-sleeve ligh blue shirt, beard and dark-rim glasses.
  • Three people serving from large metal bowls of carrot salad. Man at left has dark hooded sweatshirt, dark hair and glasses. Woman at front has short blonde hair and glasses and dark top. Woman next to her has long green coat and long brown hair. All shown in profile.
  • Three women sit on wooden bench, in shaded area against red brick wall. Women at left wears denim jacket over bright green dress, woman at center is in black and balances plate on lap, woman next to her has greyish hair and grey jacket and black pants. Woman with black dress and high hairdo and high heels stands talking to them.
  • Woman sits in shade on wooden bench, wearing light green jacket and black pants and shoes, hair pulled back, and large dark frame glasses. She has both ands on leg of cast statue of Benjamin Franklin holding book, which sits to her left.
May 19, 2023

At the Yale Library staff picnic, on a cool spring day at Benjamin Franklin College, 82 employees were recognized for their combined total of 1,245 years of service to the library. Here are the recipients. Congratulations and our thanks to you all!

40 years: Suzanne Mirabile

35 years: Mary Jo Agata, Lori Bronars, Henry Douglas, Sharon Forbes, Sharlee Livingston, Lynette Robinson-Johnson

30 years: Marena Fisher, Eva Heater, Suzanne Eggleston Lovejoy, Robin Mooring, Michael Morand, Thomas Saul

25 years: Richard Boursy, Erlinda Pacelli, Robert Pollack, Robert Rice, Richard Richie

20 years: June Can, John Charczynski, Julie Cohen, Ewa Duszkiewicz, Michael Forstrom, Rowena Griem, Abdelahad Hannawi, Kelly Perry, Charles Riley, Cynthia Roman, Natalia Sciarini, Susan Walker

15 years: Frank Berretta, James Fisher, Moira Fitzgerald, Michiko Hughes, Zhongren Lin, Christine McCarthy, Kristen McDonald, Adam Raffone, Monica Reed, Roque Roman, Barry Rosenbloom, Emeka Uzuka

10 years: Melissa Barton, Paul Belbusti, Raymond Clemens, Matthew Gorham, Ansley Joe, Jana Krentz, Anthony Lee, Michael Meng, Archer Neilson, Gabriela Redwine, Lakeisha Robinson, Ro Ross, Steelsen Smith, Ralph Sordilli

5 years: Lindsay Barnett, Robert Bartels, Jessica Relevo Bower, Brenna Bychowski, Patricia Carey, Tom Charette, Cecillia Chu, David Cirella, Vasean Daniels, Donald DeChello, Barbara Esty, Gauhar Fell, Stephen Goeman, Channon Goodrich, Grete Graf, Unison Kelner, Jessenia Khalyat, Janet Lopes, Caitlin Meyer, Samara Mildner, Wahid Nabiz, Zoe Portman, Jordan Relevo, Amauri Serrano, Jessica Tubis, Kenneth White

—Photos by Deborah Cannarella