Photo gallery: Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

  • male with graduation cap at center with two women in blue dresses to his right, two younger women to left, one in green dress, one in red, and a little girl in front of him with a white dress
  • Five female graduates pose for camera, four wear their caps, the one at far right with long brown hair holds her cap in left hand
  • two female graduates looking at iphone screen, woman on right in white dress with blonde hair is touching the screen and has long fingernails with white polish
  • Seven female graduates pose in front of entrance to library, woman on each end waves to camera, woman on left is only one not wearing cap with gold tassell
  • Four young women pose in Selin Courtyard. Tallest one wears graduation cap and blue and white sari, the other three all with dark hair wear tee shirts that read "Yale"
  • Female graduate with long dark hair hugs man wearing black shirt with Yale written on upper left. He holds a camera and both pose smiling for a selfie
  • Three graduates pose, woman on left has sunglasses on her head, man in middle wears white stole that reads "Cultural Center" over his gown and several braided cords of purple and white and sunglasses. Woman to his left wears a graduation cap and a pink, green, and white stole over her gown.
  • Group of sixteen people in graduation robes, five in blue robes with three black stripes along sleeves. Woman at near center holds a flagpole with blue and gold flag
  • Female graduate stands inside nave with painting of Alma Mater behind her. Six people walking in distance have back to camera. She wears a cap and gold stole and holds her blue diploma folder and a bouquet of white flowers tied with blue ribbon.
  • Woman with long brown hair stands to let of two men, all smiling and wearing black robes with red stoles that read "Trumbull College." They are inside the library entrance and the guard's wooden desk and three lit scones are behind them.
  • A woman with long blonde hair and tilted graduation cap stands next to woman with long black braided hair wearing a cap and a bright blue stole over her black gown. The background sign reads "Yale University Sterling Memorial Library, High St."
  • Nine graduates wearing dark blue robes with three black stripes along each arm, gold fabric at neckline and black caps pose in front of stone library entrance. All but the blonde woman at far left wear dark sunglasses.
  • Family of four, with bald man at far left, wearing blue short-sleeve shirt, brown belt, and gray pants, holds sunglasses. His arm is around graduate with long brown hair wearing cap and short white dress. Next is shorter older woman with curly hair and sleeveless blue dress. At end is tall woman with long curly hair and brown, bold, and white dress with mid-length sleeves. They stand in front of wooden library doors
  • Two blonde women in front of library entrance, laughing. Woman on right is adjusting the gold stole of woman on left, who wears cap and sunglasses. Womon on right also wears cap and has tattoo on forearm.
  • Two women pose in front of stone wall with library doors in background. WOman on left has long brown hair and large sunglasses, woman on right has long dark hair. Both wear dark blue robes with three black stripes on arms and black caps with gold tassels.
  • Three women on stone library steps in graduation caps and gowns. Woman at left holds up a peace sign with her fingers, woman at center holds up a single finger, and woman at right waves her full hand at photographer. Woman at far left wears a pink stole with green stripes. All wear sunglasses and sandals.
May 23, 2023

Graduates, family, and friends commemorated the special day with selfies and group photos, all around Sterling Memorial Library and in Selin Courtyard. 

Photos: Deborah Cannarella and Monica Ong Reed