Photo gallery: Congratulations, Class of 2024!

  • parade of people with caps and black robes and yellow stoles passing in front of stone library. Woman in blue carries banner and sign that reads "Ezra Stiles"
  • Man in cap and gown crouches to take photo of four women wearing caps, gowns, and orange stoles
  • parade of students in black robes and caps pass in front of gothic facade of Sterling Library
  • A man stands on ledge photographing to the south. A woman in pink jacket and skirt photographs to the south behind him
  • Four women in black caps, blue robes with stripes on sleeves and purple cords and orange stoles pose in front of library
  • Two women pose on stone steps in front of wooden doors of library, wearing black caps and gowns. Woman at right wears round sunglasses.
  • Students in caps and gowns parade past white facade of Beinecke Library conversing in line
  • 9 young men in caps and gowns pose with man at far left who wears suit and tie. They are smiling in front of library facade. Several wear stoles One holds a blue pennant, another a yellow trident
May 21, 2024

Class of 2024 celebrates graduation day, parading past—and snapping photos in front of—two significant spots in their academic lives: Sterling Memorial and Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript libraries.

Graduates can continue lifelong relationships with Yale Library, accessing its many resources, by signing up for their alumni benefits.

Photos: Deborah Cannarella and Monica Ong Reed