Photo gallery: Library staff welcomes the fall season with annual Oktoberfete

  • Smiling man and woman in black shirts stand together smiling holding yellow and orange gourds and dried corn stalks
  • Display of pumpkins on haystacks with large letters spelling YALE filled with orange and yellow flowers
  • two women talking to each other in front of table with basket of small doughnuts and round basket with green and orange gourds
  • Black table with three seated men smiling for camera. At left man with white hair and beard wears blue shirt, man at center wears sunglasses and a dark jacket, man at right is bald and wears a gold shirt that reads Hilfiger
  • Woman with long dark hair and dark rim glasses looks at camera and stands in front of table full of colorful gourds, baskets, and doughnuts. Woman in background reaches for doughnuts with tongs
  • Table full of people in sunshine and shade under birch trees conversing. Five women sit at a picnic table with a pumpkin vase with flowers
  • Four smiling women post: one with white hair and blue shirt, one with short black hair, glasses and black top, one with short black hair, glasses, and dark blue top, and one with glasses and red shirt
  • Three women post, one at left with red, blue, white gold shirt; at center with black top and blue pants, holding cup that reads Yale; one at right with blonde hair wears gold shirt and holds same cupt
  • Man with blue shirt and dark green pants and glasses stands in front of display of haystacks and pumpkins with YALE sign filled with yellow and gold flowers
October 3, 2023

On a perfect October day, library staff gathered in the courtyard behind the newly rededicated Kline Tower to celebrate the start of the autumn season. There were piles of pumpkins, gourds, and apples for the taking and plenty of apple cider, popcorn, and—of course—apple cider doughnuts. Many thanks to Yale Hospitality for the treats and for helping set up the festive afternoon event.

Photos by Monica Ong Reed