Photo gallery: Yale Library celebrates staff members’ long-service milestones

  • Group photo of 22 library staff standing in three rows in front of collegiate gothic style stone building with small-paned windows and exterior plantings.
  • Seven staff waiting in line at the staff picnic with greenery and the stone facade of Sterling Library in the background. Five people are looking toward the camera. Sky is cloudy, pavement is wet, and several people are wearing raincoats or carrying umbrellas.
  • Woman in gray coat and pink scarf and man in brown blazer smiling and posing with uplifted "jazz hands." They are under a tent and in the background are people gathered eating at tables with pink tablecloths and white folding chairs.
  • University Librarian Barbara Rockenbach  is standing in front of a mic on a stand holding a paper in her hands and speaking. She has shoulder length brown hair and glasses and is dressed in dark slacks and pink patterned  jacket background stands in front of a mic holding a sheet of paper in her hands. Next to and behind her can be seen  In the background can be seen  wet flagstone walk, green grass and trees, and the collegiate gothic facade in light colored limestone of Sterling Memorial Library.
  • Two men and a woman sitting with bag lunches at long table covered with pink tablecloth under a tent. More staff can be seen in the far background and glimpses of green grass, trees, stone building and a passing bus.
  • Large group of staff under a tent, some standing and talking, others sitting at long tables with pink tablecloths and flower arrangements. Food and brown paper lunch bags are also on the tables.
  • Staff standing and sitting around long pink-covered tables under a tent opening bag lunches. Background shows glimpses of stone buildings and greenery.
  • Another view of staff sitting at long pink-covered tables under a tent opening bag lunches. Background shows glimpses of stone buildings and cars on the street.
  • Two men talking and holding paper bags next to a serving table piled with salads in plastic containers, chips, water bottles and other lunch items.
  • Group photo of 22 library staff posing in lines in front of stone buildings. Photo is taken from an angle.
June 10, 2022

At the Yale Library staff picnic in May, 82 employees were recognized for their combined total of 1,160 years of service to the library. Here are the recipients. Congratulations and thank you, all!

45 years: Thomas Falco

40 years: Helen Bartlett

35 years: Hubert Berkeley

30 years: Mark Bailey, Richard Williams, Timothy Young

25 years: Cristal Coleman, Pauline Fagan, Adrienne Gottlieb, Tania Grant, Lynn Ieronimo, David Landino, Laura O’Brien-Miller, Kalee Sprague

20 years: Katy Chernova, Sarah Coe, Daniel Dollar, David Driscoll, Dika Goloweiko-Nussberg, Soli Johnson, Kimberly King, Nancy Kuhl, Travis Lee, Sarah Lewis, Tachtorn Meier, Teresa Mensz, Pamela Mouzon, Adiba Nabiz, Truc Nguyen

15 years: Gary Burcheski, Paul Civitelli, Pamela Gibson, Rebecca Hatcher, Karen Jutzi, Brian Kiss, Katherine Krasney, Danijela Matković, Diane Napert, Yasmin Ramadan, Anne Rhodes

10 years: Kayleigh Bohemier, Guiovanna Carrion, Frank DeCusati, Roberta Dougherty, Raymond Frohlich, Jennifer Garcia, Basie Gitlin, Melissa Grafe, Jill Jascha, Michael Kelleher, Lindsay King, Robert Klingenberger, Bill Landis, Patricia McCardle, John Riccio

5 years: Anna Arays, Alexander Boyd, Keith Boyd-Carter, Alexandria Brackett, Stephanie Bredbenner, Ashley Cale, Roselyn Cruz, Michael Dadio, Rosemary Davis, Alicia Detelich, Jonathan Gutierrez, Dale Hendrickson, James Kessenides, Ji Young Kim, Monika Lehman, Mark Lombard, Richard Lynch, Patrick O’Brien, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Eric Sonnenberg, Patrick Stone, Ronald Sutfin, Cvetan Terziyski, Camila Tessler, Timothy Thompson, James Venditto, Jia Xu