Slideshow: Students view films, try out animation at Film Archive

  • Two female students draw on films strips on lightbox
  • Man examining a strip of film
  • Woman drawing on strip of film
  • A class at work in the film conservation lab
  • Man showing students how to use a film projector
  • Close up shot of a student drawing on a piece of film
  • Teacher holding up strip of film in front of crowd of students
  • Female student draws in color on a film strip
  • Female student drawing on film strip on lightbox
  • Female student draws on film strip on lightbox
October 13, 2021

Eight undergraduates in the class, “Principles of Animation,” together with their instructor Ben Hagari, recently visited the newly renovated Yale Film Archive on the seventh floor of Sterling Memorial Library. After watching five animated films in their original 16 mm and a 3D film on Blu-ray, the students moved to the Film Archive’s conservation suite for a  hands-on animation session with  Brian Meacham, managing archivist. 

“The Film Archive has been an amazing resource, allowing the class to engage with film material and the collection on first-hand experience,” Hagari said later. “It was a unique opportunity to watch experimental animations, create direct camera-less animations on film stock and then project it in the screening room, all in one session.”  

View images of the class, above, and read the full story about the class session in Yale News, by Mike Cummings. Slideshow photos are by Ben Hagari.