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Woman with glasses and blonde hair, wearing jacket and white hard hat holds a foil wrapped flat package with the American flag on top.
September 27, 2022
Yale Library makes its first contribution to the Arctic World Archive, “a safe repository for world memory.”
Dark blue graphic with white type that reads "Constitution Day Events at Yale Library" with five white stars beneath and a portion of the American flag in the bottom third of the image
September 13, 2022
Yale Library—a designated federal repository since 1859—commemorates Constitution and Citizenship Day.
Six librarians posing for portrait, four women and one man, standing in front of wooden library door. The two women at left have short brown hair and wear blue tops; two shorter women at center stand on step below the others; on the right end is a man with a blue check, long-sleeve shirt. At center in back row is a woman with a pink cardigan and polka dot skirt..
September 13, 2022
Promotions recognize achievement and growth in specialized knowledge, skills, leadership, and contributions to the profession.
Three men pose in front of metal bookcases lined with books. Man at left has reddish hair and wire glasses and wears a brown suit and paisley tie;  man at center has black hair and dark rimmed glasses, white shirt, brown leather belt, and hands in pockets; man at right has grey hair and van dyke, with rimless glasses and short-sleeve blue, white and gray plaid shirt. All smile broadly.
September 13, 2022
A science librarian from Yale-NUS College in Singapore is spending the month with Yale Library colleagues.
Tall young man with wavy brown hair, wearing wire-rimmed glasses, a blue shirt, white pants, and short necklace, stands next to small woman with dark hair, black and white flowered dress and red sweater. In the background are ornate wood-carved panels and they lean against a long, dark wood-carved surface that had once been the library's circulation desk..
September 9, 2022
Jessica Quagliaroli mentored Chucho Martinez Padres ’23 as he researched art historian George Kubler PhD ’40.
Screenshot that shows photo of Rachel Wessel at computer and three maps from her project Map of Life
September 2, 2022
Rebecca Wessel ’24 spent her summer as Marx Library’s climate change technologies fellow. After completing three data-driven, interactive projects—two of her own design—Wessel came away with critical new skills in her field and plenty of potential topics for her senior thesis.
Image from the animated film shows a series of brown buildings, outlined in black, with the tall shadows of three musicians projected against their facades. In the foreground a small figure in black clothing walks in front of the musician shadows that parade behind.
August 24, 2022
“The Waltz,” an animated short by artist Yulia Ruditskaya, 2022 Laurel Vlock Fellow at the Fortunoff Video Archive, is based on a a poem by the Yiddish poet A. Lutzky.