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18th century color print showing two peasant women in marketplace arguing, men on either side of them frowning, one covering ears, a small boy and dog sit with wicker baskets nearby.
November 1, 2023
On Nov. 16, print collectors and curators will meet in Sterling Memorial Library to discuss their collections of 18th- and early 19th-century British caricature and satiric prints.
Wall of mounted images of movie stills showing women dressed in Tudor crowns and garments
October 24, 2023
Two student curators—participants in the 2023–2024 Student Research at Yale Library program—opened their exhibits in Sterling Memorial Library, on view through April 21.
October 19, 2023
After three years of innovative construction, the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library opened to the public on October 14, 1963.
Interior of brick space with four floors and steel arches and large windows and skylights. Wooden half-columns support mezzanine level with green shaded panels in railing
October 12, 2023
In 1998, the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library moved from its crowded home in Sprague Hall into a soaring new space in Sterling Memorial Library.
Black and white image of man in profile with dark glasses looks out panes of gridded concrete window
October 11, 2023
The Yale Film Archive receives grant to preserve Shades , a 1960 fictional short about inmate rehabilitation.
Two painted tarot cards, each showing a figure on a white horse, with backgrounds in gold geometric patterns
October 4, 2023
Yale Library and ICPH conservation scientists work to decipher the secrets of a 15th-century tarot deck held at Beinecke Library.
Smiling man and woman in black shirts stand together smiling holding yellow and orange gourds and dried corn stalks
October 3, 2023
The weather was perfect for the 2023 library Oktoberfete in the courtyard behind Klein Tower on Science Hill.