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Paneled room with audience seated in chairs in semicircle in front of large digital screen with blue and white projection of tall building and collage of images. A female speaker stands in front of the projection.
April 3, 2023
DH Foundations, a series of three virtual workshops, will teach participants to analyze and propose effective digital humanities projects.
Hand-written sheet music titled "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing"; at right a small metal sculpture of a harp made up of standing figures with crouching boy at front
March 28, 2023
Melissa Barton, curator at Beinecke Library, discusses the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection with Ray Hardman of Connecticut Public Radio.
Clock face with wide silver rim with numbers with different-colored crayons and "Colorful Library" written in colorful crayons at center
March 24, 2023
Yale School of Art graduate student Filip Birkner creates a short animated film inspired by his love of books, chairs, and Sterling Library.
Photograph of the White House facade with green trees on either side and green hedge in front. An American flag flies above on long pole at center.
March 11, 2023
Yale Library and other Ivy Plus Libraries write in support of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) granting open access to federally funded research.
Collage of black and white photos of twelve women, talking, posing, laughing
March 10, 2023
Wide-ranging online exhibits document the many contributions that the women of Yale have made to the university and the world.
March 10, 2023
The online exhibit and upcoming events add new insights and dimensions to the Model Research Collection in Bass Library.
Woman with long dark hair wearing dark rimmed glasses speaks before microphone.
February 28, 2023
Visitors gathered for the opening of the new Hanke Gallery’s third exhibition, Empire and Resistance: Transisthmian Views of Central America .