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Wide view of room with green couches in the foreground, three round chandeliers and wood paneling and bookshelves on either side
April 16, 2024
The Linonia and Brothers (L&B) Room is open again after a long hiatus—and is better than ever.
Man in blue jacket with brown and blue patterned tie and hands clasped smiles at camera
April 15, 2024
Michael Morand, director of community engagement for Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, is only the city’s third official historian.
Red, white, black, purple graphic design that reads "Quantum Week at Yale, April 13 to 19,"
April 14, 2024
Celebrate World Quantum Day (April 14) with a month of special events and exhibits hosted by Yale Library and the Yale Quantum Institute.
black and white photo of steel framework of seven levels of building above gothic stone bass
April 9, 2024
Sterling Memorial Library, named for benefactor John William Sterling and designed by architect James Gamble Rogers, was dedicated on April 11, 1931.
Man in open elevator-like lift between high rows of shelving filled with cardboard boxes
April 9, 2024
The Yale Library Shelving Facility invites students to take an hour-long tour of the storage facility rarely open to visitors.
Man in dark suit and red tie, with wavy black and gray hair, smiles at camera, holding a viola in front of chest
April 2, 2024
Yale Library’s inaugural Miles Hoffman Concert will be held at the United Church on April 19 at 4 p.m.
Dark blue field with light blue letter Y forming circles and white type that reads "Library Prizes"
April 2, 2024
Yale College seniors can win prize money and publication for senior essays or projects based on research in Yale Library’s special collections.