Access to Child Abuse Atlas

Child Abuse Atlas is available with full access for authorized users of Yale University (including full and part-time students, faculty, staff, and walk-in users).
To access, users must log-in with their individual account username and password.
First-time users, proceed to sign up using your email address. If sign-up form is disabled, contact to request an account.
Yale Library currently provides access to the Child Abuse Atlas as well as the following eLearning modules:
  • Challenging Cases in Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Human Trafficking - Child Sex Trafficking
  • Instant Insights in Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Medical Evaluation of Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse
  • Pediatric Sexual Assault
  • Pediatric Strangulation Case Review and Assessment
  • Physical Abuse Series: Abusive Head Trauma
  • Physical Abuse Series: Core Framework
  • Physical Abuse Series: Cutaneous Injuries (2023)
  • Physical Abuse Series: Fractures (2023)
  • Physical Abuse Series: Medical Neglect (2023)
  • Physical Abuse Series: Mimics
  • Physical Abuse Series: Sentinel Injuries
  • Physical Abuse Series: Supervisory Neglect (2023)
  • Physical Abuse Series: Torture and Starvation (2023)
  • Team Case Reviews
  • Trauma Informed Care in Child Sexual Abuse
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