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Black man with close cropped beard and hair wearing brown and metal glasses looks into camera. He wears a blue jacket, white shirt, and purple tie.
October 3, 2022
Yale Library’s Oral History of American Music grows its collection of interviews with gospel greats.
Woman with glasses and blonde hair, wearing jacket and white hard hat holds a foil wrapped flat package with the American flag on top.
September 27, 2022
Yale Library makes its first contribution to the Arctic World Archive, “a safe repository for world memory.”
Illustration of Louis Pasteur in black coat, black cap, and white shirt with standup collar, holding two white bunnies
September 21, 2022
Eight Yale Library exhibitions—drawing on collections in the sciences, arts, and humanities—are now open to visitors at six library locations.
Dark blue graphic with white type that reads "Constitution Day Events at Yale Library" with five white stars beneath and a portion of the American flag in the bottom third of the image
September 13, 2022
Yale Library—a designated federal repository since 1859—commemorates Constitution and Citizenship Day.
Six librarians posing for portrait, four women and one man, standing in front of wooden library door. The two women at left have short brown hair and wear blue tops; two shorter women at center stand on step below the others; on the right end is a man with a blue check, long-sleeve shirt. At center in back row is a woman with a pink cardigan and polka dot skirt..
September 13, 2022
Promotions recognize achievement and growth in specialized knowledge, skills, leadership, and contributions to the profession.
Three men pose in front of metal bookcases lined with books. Man at left has reddish hair and wire glasses and wears a brown suit and paisley tie;  man at center has black hair and dark rimmed glasses, white shirt, brown leather belt, and hands in pockets; man at right has grey hair and van dyke, with rimless glasses and short-sleeve blue, white and gray plaid shirt. All smile broadly.
September 13, 2022
A science librarian from Yale-NUS College in Singapore is spending the month with Yale Library colleagues.
Yellowed globe, with navigation lines across its surface showing land and water, dating from circa 1621, in a wooden stand with a metal semicircular band spanning the top hemisphere
September 6, 2022
The World in Maps, 1400–1600, a new exhibition at Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, presents a selection of the most impressive and historically important maps in the library’s collection from the late Medieval and Early Modern periods.