About Us

Welcome to Yale Library!

Barbara Rockenbach, Stephen F. Gates '68 University Librarian

We look forward to introducing you to the people, places, collections, and technology that define Yale University Library and support our programs and services.

Our collections contain fifteen million print and electronic volumes in more than a dozen libraries and locations. Our resources for teaching and research range from thousands of licensed e-resources to special collections in forms as varied as ancient papyri, early printed books, rare film and music recordings, photographs, and a growing body of born-digital materials.

Students’ immersion in library collections and their engagement with library staff and services are distinctive and transformative elements of a Yale education. Service to the Yale community is our top priority, and this goal drives us to be better in every way.

In order to fully support Yale’s educational mission, we have made a deep organizational commitment to advancing  diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to apply these values in all our work.

Our 500 staff members facilitate teaching, research, and practice. We are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse and inclusive staff community, interacting with integrity, mutual respect, and civility.  Learn about employment opportunities.

In building our magnificent collections over the last three centuries, Yale made a stewardship commitment to help preserve and disseminate human knowledge. We feel a responsibility to bring digital resources to the Yale community and beyond, and to invest in addressing the challenges of digital preservation head-on. 

Under the University’s COVID-19 guidelines, access to library spaces is limited to current students, faculty, and staff. If we cannot welcome you to campus at this time, we hope you will explore our collections, programs, and services in the online spaces that have become as integral to Yale Library as our physical spaces.

Please read on to see our mission, vision,  strategic directions, and community values.


We advance teaching, research, learning, and practice through staff expertise, diverse collections, inclusive programs and services, and welcoming spaces. 


We aspire to be a catalyst for individual and societal growth. We will foster a culture of curiosity and discovery to advance the University’s mission. We will commit attention and resources to address systemic inequities by making knowledge more broadly available.  

Strategic Directions

1.  Focus on library users. Keep the needs of our diverse users at the center of our physical and online environments and services. Continuously assess and improve the library experience of students, faculty, researchers, practitioners, and visitors.

2. Enhance teaching and learning. Spark intellectual and creative development through increased engagement with the library’s resources, exhibits, instruction, and other programs. Partner with faculty and other Yale colleagues to support and enrich all forms of student learning.

3. Advance research and inquiry. Develop, support, and make accessible collections, staff expertise, technology, and physical spaces to foster world-class research and practice in established as well as emerging fields.

4. Extend the reach and impact of library collections. Select, acquire, preserve, promote, and make more accessible our diverse physical and digital collections in service of teaching, research, and practice. Lead and innovate in expanding the definition, scope, and use of the research library.

5. Connect and collaborate. Thrive by creating and sustaining strategic collaborations across library departments, with campus stakeholders, with state and local partners in Connecticut, with other research libraries, and within the global community.

6. Leverage technology. Provide, develop, and maintain robust, sustainable, and responsive digital and technological services that support the current needs of library users and staff while anticipating and responding to future needs.

7. Be a great workplace. Cultivate and support excellence, diversity and inclusion, and continuous learning for all staff in a dynamic workplace aligned with the library’s community values. 

8. Tell our story. Raise awareness of the library’s resources and services. Communicate the capabilities and contributions of the unified library to inspire understanding of, and support for, the library’s essential roles at Yale and in the world.

Community Values

The library’s community values serve as a reminder of our principles. Underpinning these values is a commitment to the free and respectful interchange of ideas.  We intend for the following values to serve as guiding principles for everything we do.

We, as members of the Yale Library community, affirm our responsibility and commitment to create and foster a respectful, cooperative, and courteous environment for ourselves and anyone who enters our physical or virtual spaces. We affirm the right of each staff member and library user to utilize these spaces free from harassment or denigration. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for abiding by these community values:

Integrity We honor our commitments and hold ourselves and each other accountable for them.

Respect We treat people equally well regardless of position or status. We honor individual differences and continually strive to create an environment that is diverse and inclusive, in which each person is valued.

Civility We encourage open communication. We think before we speak, listen carefully, respond respectfully, and acknowledge that everyone’s ideas are worthy of consideration.