Using Library Collections

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Loan Periods and Limits

Role Loan Period Books/Loans Film Archive Items
Undergraduates 4 months 100 20
Undergraduate Seniors Academic Year 150 20
Graduate and Professional Students 1 year 500 20
Faculty 1 year 1,000 50
Staff 1 year 300 20
Retired Faculty 1 year  1,000 50
Retired Staff 1 year 300 20

Yale Library does not charge fines for the late return of a regular loan item unless it has been recalled for use by a course instructor or declared lost (i.e., it is more than 30 days overdue). Learn more about fines and fees for specific programs.

If there is an issue with your library account, such as a lost or damaged item, fill out the Problems with your Library Account form.

Because of recent systems changes, you must sign up for a new account even if you have had one in the past. To begin the process, please complete the privileges pre-registration form.