Mondays at Beinecke: Revisiting the Past – Imagining the Future with Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies

Monday, March 6, 2023 - 4:00pm to 4:30pm
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“Revisiting the Past—Imagining the Future,” on view through July 9.
Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies, will discuss some of the items he selected for the exhibition.
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This exhibition features books, manuscripts, and visual materials from many different time periods and locations. Some of the materials have been at Yale for decades, others have only recently been added to the collections. More information:
Materials Meng selected for the show include:
* Ren Xiong, 任熊, 1820–1857. Lie xian jiu pai 列僊酒牌 [Drinking cards illustrating Daoist immortals]. China, 1854.
* Zhongguo gu hang hai tu 中國古航海圖 [Ancient Chinese navigation maps]. China, [c. 1800–1841].
Mondays at Beinecke online talks focus on materials from the collections and include an opening presentation at 4pm followed by conversation and question and answer beginning about 4:30pm until 5pm.