Marx Library welcomed visiting librarian James Wong

  • Three men pose in front of metal bookcases lined with books. Man at left has reddish hair and wire glasses and wears a brown suit and paisley tie;  man at center has black hair and dark rimmed glasses, white shirt, brown leather belt, and hands in pockets; man at right has grey hair and van dyke, with rimless glasses and short-sleeve blue, white and gray plaid shirt. All smile broadly.
    (from left) Kevin Merriman, James Wong, Jeremy Garritano
September 13, 2022

James Wong, science librarian from Yale-NUS College in Singapore, spent the month of September at Marx Science and Social Science Library. During this temporary residency, Wong—whose interests include information-seeking behavior, library UX, and technical services—learned firsthand about Yale Library’s research support efforts, information literacy offerings, and technical services initiatives. He worked closely with Kevin Merriman, who is director of Collection Management, Access and Technical Services, and Technology, and Jeremy Garritano, director of Research Support and Outreach Programs. Merriman and Garritano arranged for Wong to meet with colleagues in each of their respective areas of focus and in additional areas that are of particular interest to Wong.

Wong brought what he learned during his time with colleagues at Yale Library back to his college to enhance his work there and to share his unique experience with other librarians in Singapore. He also manages the Yale-NUS College Digital Archives and, in that role, partners with various college stakeholders to collect, preserve, and provide access to content that is integral to the college’s history and institutional memory. Before joining Yale-NUS College in December 2020, Wong was librarian at the National Institute of Education, Singapore.