Meet the women of Yale: Eleven online exhibits document their impressive legacy

  • Collage of black and white photos of twelve women, talking, posing, laughing
March 10, 2023

Women have excelled as students, faculty, and leaders at Yale College for 54 years and in Yale’s graduate and professional schools for 154—and they have been involved in the life of the university in other, less visible ways since the founding.

An array of online exhibits documents the history of women at Yale, including many women whose contributions and impact were undervalued in their day.  

Image: Brenda Zlamany, portrait of the first seven women to earn PhDs at Yale in 1894 (detail): Cornelia H. B. Rogers, Sara Bulkley Rogers, Margaretta Palmer, Mary Augusta Scott, Laura Johnson Wylie, Charlotte Fitch Roberts, and Elizabeth Deering Hanscom. Painting on view in the nave of Sterling Memorial Library.