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Young woman with short curly brown hair wearing pink sweater and white shirt stands with hand on hip next to display with photo of Elsa Wasserman and copies of documents
April 18, 2024
Elga Ruth Wasserman, JD ’76, was a passionate advocate for the first classes of women enrolled in Yale College in the 1960’s and ’70s. A portrait of Wasserman, installed last year, hangs on the north wall in Bass Library. This spring, American Studies major Molly Smith ’25 has created a banner exhibit about the life and legacy of Wasserman, currently on view in Sterling Memorial Library. “In addition to her work on behalf of coeducation at Yale, Wasserman was also a chemist, attorney, feminist, and scholar,” Smith explained. “She is not well known by many students, and my goal with this
February 7, 2024
Yale College sophomores and seniors, applications for the Adrian Van Sinderen Book Collecting Prize are due by 5 p.m. on Thurs., Feb. 22.
Young woman with short curly hair green sweater and glasses sits at small round desk with blond woman with dark shirt and glasses. On desk is a laptop with the word "Zotero" on the screen. Empty tables and chairs on patio are visible in background through glass wall.
January 19, 2024
The library invites student applications and faculty nominations for undergraduates to train as peer mentors to help fellow students strengthen their research skills.
Student in white long-sleeve t-shirt, blue jeans, and pink sneakers squats before open display cases arranging a display of manuscript pages
December 5, 2023
Applications are due on Fri., March 8, for the Senior Exhibit Fellowship for Yale College juniors that begins this summer.
Wall of mounted images of movie stills showing women dressed in Tudor crowns and garments
October 24, 2023
Two student curators—participants in the 2023–2024 Student Research at Yale Library program—opened their exhibits in Sterling Memorial Library, on view through April 21.
large high-ceiling space filled with hundreds of students. At bottom right edge white sign on black standing frame reads "Welcome to Yale College Academic Fair"
September 19, 2023
Members of the Class of 2027 filled the Commons during the Undergraduate Academic Fair to learn about the many opportunities available to them across campus.
Blonde woman with large glasses and white blouse leans on counter, smiling at camera. Student with dark hair and wire-rim glasses stands on other side of counter holding large yellow cardboard key that reads "Bass" at top
September 14, 2023
Yale Library Walking Tour offers incoming students a chance to learn about Yale’s many libraries and library resources—and a chance to win a private study space for the fall semester.