Twenty librarians promoted

  • Six librarians posing for portrait, four women and one man, standing in front of wooden library door. The two women at left have short brown hair and wear blue tops; two shorter women at center stand on step below the others; on the right end is a man with a blue check, long-sleeve shirt. At center in back row is a woman with a pink cardigan and polka dot skirt..
    (from left) Alexandria Brackett, Jeanne Lowrey, Stephanie Bredbenner, Kyra Walker, Rachel Sperling, and Michael Printy
September 13, 2022

Barbara Rockenbach, Stephen F. Gates ’68 University Librarian, and the Yale Library Promotion Review Committee recently announced 2022 promotions for 20 librarians from across the library system. Yale Library’s five-level librarian ranking system is used to assess and recognize achievement and growth in specialized knowledge, skills, leadership, and contributions to the profession.

Librarian I to II: Carla Baricz, Librarian for Literature in English and Comparative Literature; Jeanne Lowrey, Archivist / Librarian

Librarian II to III: Kathy Bohlman, Archivist, Arts Library Special Collections; Alexandria Brackett, Clinical Research and Education Librarian; Stephanie Bredbenner, Processing Archivist; Tess Colwell, Arts Librarian for Research Services; Alicia Detelich, Archivist; Alyssa Grimshaw, Clinical Research and Education Librarian; Caitlin Meyer, Research and Education Librarian & Coordinator of Instruction; Eric Sonnenberg, Archivist for Legal Collections; Rachel Sperling, Librarian for Environmental Studies

Librarian III to IV: Alison Clemens, Assistant Head of Arrangement and Description; Barbara Esty, Data Librarian; Michael Printy, Head Humanities Group and Librarian for Western European Humanities; Jennifer Snow, Librarian for Anthropology, Sociology, and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies / Program Director for Instruction; Erin Wachowicz, Librarian for Business and Management / Program Director for Marketing and Communications

Librarian IV to V: Euan Cochrane, Digital Preservation Manager; Melissa Grafe, John R. Bumstead Librarian for Medical History, Head of the Medical Historical Library; Lindsay King, former Associate Director for Access and Research Services; Lei Wang, Head of Technology and Innovation

This year’s Yale Library Promotion Review Committee members were Christine McCarthy (chair), Rosemary Davis, Rolando Garcia-Milian, Grete Graf, James Kessenides, Mike Lotstein, Scott Matheson, and Elisa Nascimento.

Photo by Robert Lisak