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male with graduation cap at center with two women in blue dresses to his right, two younger women to left, one in green dress, one in red, and a little girl in front of him with a white dress
May 23, 2023
Class of 2023 celebrates graduation day posing for photos on a beautiful spring day in front of and inside Sterling Library.
Two women and one man pose for camera. Woman at left wears blue shirt, man has blue cap and orange shirt and holds plate of food. Woman at far right wears multicolored sweater, sunglasses, and red hairband
May 19, 2023
The annual Staff Appreciate Picnic gave everyone a chance to socialize and to celebrate the long service records of 82 library employees.
Digital map showing southern US--Florida to Texas--with coastline in blue and white dots on the black landmass. Legend shows that dots are Nursing Homes with Emergency Preparedness Deficiencies. Blue indicates 2 feet or more of inundation exposure.
May 17, 2023
Natalia Festa works with Global Information Systems (GIS) to study emergency-preparedness risks to the elderly in nursing homes.
Stage set with arabic script projected in white on black background. Man in Arabic dress stands with arms outstretched in front of animated image of a blue and yellow tree. Eleven people in long garments sit at his feet, six to his right and five to his left.
May 15, 2023
Omar Ibn Said, author of the only known surviving Arabic-language slave narrative written in the United States—whose portrait and correspondence are now on view at the Beinecke—is the subject of a new American opera.
Baseball player with white pin-stripe hat and uniform holds bat over right shoulder looking into distance. Red, white, and blue bunting is draped behind him in front of the stands. The crowd looks on, although faces are blurred.
May 8, 2023
Treasures from the Yale Film Archive continues its series into the summer months for free screenings of three more favorites.
Four students at a round table pose smiling for the camera; in the background are ten people at other round tables and a video display on wall that reads "Class of 2023"
May 1, 2023
Barbara Rockenbach, Stephen F. Gates ’68 University Librarian, and staff librarians celebrated graduating student workers with an afternoon event and bookplates.
Smiling woman with long wavy brown. hair and large white cat's-eye glasses, wearing a green, black and yellow jacket over a white blouse. She stands next to paned windows that shine light on her face.
April 27, 2023
On Wed., May 3, Ambre Dromgoole (MAR ’17) will tell the story of Roxie Moore, one of the influential Black female musicians featured in Dromgoole’s PhD dissertation.