Photo Gallery: Congratulations, Class of 2022!

  • Eight graduates in caps and gowns--from Branford, Davenport, and Morse Colleges--are posing and laughing, several wearing kente cloth stoles.
  • Procession of faculty and students with Fred Berg Yale Class of 66 and University Librarian Barbara Rockenbach in the foreground, wearing robes and caps
  • Four family members stand with graduate in cap and gown holding his diploma. The woman at one end wears a flowered hat, the three men are wearing light-colored shirts and dark pants. The graduate is wearing a tie with his cap and gown.
  • Four graduates--a woman with long blonde hair, a man with sunglasses, a man with brown hair holding a brown dachsund puppy, and a man with red hair, all but dog smiling
  • hair and wears a polka dot dress with black cardigan sweater. The daughter in the center has long blonde hair.
  • Two female students with long hair wearing stoles from Jonathan Edwards College shout with arms in the air.
  • Asian American family of six: The graduate stands at center wearing his gown and the red stole of Berkeley College. To his right are two men, the older one in a dark suit and dress shoes, laughing. The younger one with sandals and a lightweight shirt. The mother wears a black outfit and holds a black and white handbag. Another young man wears a blue shirt. A young girl wears a white sweatshirt with orange design.
  • A long row of students from Pierson College walk in processions down the ramp in front of Sterling. Many carry flags with Pierson College's name and logo.
  • Family poses in front of Sterling Library. The mother at end wears a black short-sleeve shirt, grey pants, and black sneakers, with hair tied back; the female graduate wears a light-blue-and-white-striped dressed beneath her half-open gown and black sandals; the young girl next to her wears a short black and white dress with a jean jacket and brown sandals; the father at the end wears a light-blue shirt, jeans, and sneakers, and a wide brown belt. The doors of Sterling are visible behind them.
  • Three male graduates wearing caps, gowns, and sunglasses with green stoles with lion insignia for Jonathan Edwards College
  • The graduate in cap and gown with red stole and her friend, wearing a blue lacy sundress peer at the back of a camera, heads together, to examine the photo they just took.
  • Family of four with small boy in stroller pose in front of Sterling. One man has white hair and a beard, wearing glasses and a blue jacket and brown pants. The older woman wears a blue, white, and red head scarf and sunglasses. The younger man has black hair and bear, wearing sunglasses and a black shirt and jacket; the woman at end holds a coffee cup, and she wears sunglasses, jeans, a black top and has a small black quilted purse.
  • A group of students from Morse College parade past Sterling, holding red foam hatchet above their heads and cheering,
  • A father, wearing marine blue jacket and blue/white striped shirt, stands next to his graduating daughter. Next to her is her mother, with short brown hair and a burgundy dress and short jacket. The graduate holds three bunches of flowers with bows and teddy bears. She displays the cover of her diploma. The facade of Sterling Library is visible in the background.
  • Five friends, woman on end wears long braids decorated with yellow, orange, and pink beads; man next to her wears a multicolored pieced scarf and a collar of flowers around his neck; woman next to him has long brown hair, a brown stole, and wears gold bracelets; next woman has long black hair and a multicolored stole; woman at end has long bright blue braids and wears sunglasses
  • other wears blue and yellow flowers attached to the top of her cap and holds a sign that reads "Abortion is Health Care."
  • Group of friends with arms around each other's shoulders. Man at end has trim beard and mustache, man next to him is blonde with blue eyes, the next man also has dark brown trim beard and mustache and wears a cap with greenery and leaves attached to the top; woman at end has long brown hair. All wear dark brown stoles.
  • A female graduate wearing a long white dress under her open gown holds a wrapped white rose above her head triumphantly. She stands against a stone wall on which appears the Sterling Memorial Library sign.
  • In Sterling nave, young woman in blue dress with white hair ribbon and sneakers squats to take photo of male graduate standing next to man with blue shirt, dark blue shorts and sneakers. Behind her stands an older man with white hair, green shirts, and khaki pants. Gift bags with tissue paper are on the floor between them.
  • Graduated couple stands in Sterling Nave before painting of Alma Mater. The tall man holds his diploma folder and a bouquet of roses and gerber daisies. The short woman next to him, with black pulled back hair and long side bangs, holds a similar bouquet. Both wear pink stoles and she is wearing a white dress beneath her partially open gown and silver strap sandals.
  • Male graduate without cap, wearing glasses, robe, and yellow stole, holds the blue folder of his diploma, standing in front of the dark wood of the former circulation desk below the painting of Alma Mater in Sterling nave.
  • Family of five poses in front of the painting of Alma Mater in Sterling nave: The graduate, at center, wears a short beard and moustache and glasses and a stole embellished with gold apples. A young girl stands to his left, wearing a short blue dress, and an older man in green shirt and khakis stands next to her. To the graduate's right is a woman with long salt-and-pepper hair wearing a gray top and long white skirt; at the end is a tall young man in blue tee shirt and shorts.
  • Tall female graduate with long brown hair wearing cap and gown and red Berkeley College stole stands in Sterling nave, next to her proud father, who is wearing a grey suit with blue shirt and red tie. They stand below five lights that curve around one of the nave's columns.
  • Male graduate wearing yellow stole and holding his blue diploma folder poses in Sterling Nave between pillars near the circulation desk. He has dark hair and a closely trimmed beard and mustache and a large grin.
  • Tall female graduate with long black hair, wearing black high-heel pumps, holds bouquet of red roses wrapped in newspaper and holds her diploma folder. The archways to the exhibition corridor of Sterling Library are visible in the background.
  • A man in dark blue jacket and khaki pants, holding a camera with a long lens to his eye, squats to take a photo of three female graduates posing in Sterling's Selin Courtyard.
  • Woman with green, black, red patterned shirt and short hair holds her phone above her head to photograph a young woman in black floral dress and grey cardigan who stands next to a male graduate with glasses and black hair, wearing the red Berkeley stole. To one side of the woman a man in a light and dark blue striped shirt looks at the sculpture in the center of the courtyard. Behind him two women pose with a female graduate in another corner of the courtyard for photos.
  • Two friends, both wearing caps and gowns and yellow stoles, pose outside in Sterling's Selin Courtyard. The student at left has grapes attached to his cap and wears the Saybrook College stole. The shorter student at right wears a gold stole for his school and reads "Ezra Stiles." Both men are wearing dark blue ties, visible beneath their partially open gowns. A wooden bench and the leaded glass windows of the Exhibition Corridor are visible behind them. There is a small tree in leaf to the right.
May 23, 2022

Graduates, family, and friends gathered at Sterling Memorial Library to commemorate the special day with pictures inside and outside the library. 

Photos: Deborah Cannarella