Photo gallery: Hanke Gallery opens new exhibition “Empire and Resistance”

  • Woman with long dark hair wearing dark rimmed glasses speaks before microphone.
  • Six women, three with face masks, stand applauding. The woman at center, with short black hair, glasses, and a black dress, is the exhibit's curator.
  • View of through dark wood molding into lit gallery cases and a back wall with five posters.
  • A short woman with dark hair and glasses, a man with brown  hair wearing a brown sleeveless vest and grey sweater, and a tall woman with short brown hair and black winter coat, peer into a lit display case. The man is pointing to something inside.
  • Red, white, and blue poster that reads "El Salvador Libre" with blue capital letters at bottom edge reading "FDR." A white label card with type sits to left of poster.
  • A man with dark coat and cap points into lit display case. The man next to him in dark green jacket with hood stands next to woman with long blonde hair and wool cap and dark coat who leans over the case to look inside.
  • Partial view of a red, white, and black poster showing sketches of revolutionaries Sandoval and Marti. The Spanish wording is partially obscured, but at bottom in black is "Construir el poder popular!"
  • A woman with open jacket and grey shirt peers into case, standing next to tall blonde man with dark green jacket and light green hoodie underneath
  • Two black and white newsletter pages on display. The page on left is titled "Chellenge" and has a line drawing of people protesting. The page at right has a line drawing of a woman in profile.
  • A tall bald man with glasses, beard and moustache in dark, open jacket and jeans looks into lit case. The man next to him is shorter, with dark hair and moustache, and stands looking into distance to right.
  • Two men stand with back to camera in front of a lit wall case. The man on left is tall wearing a sweater vest and rolled-up shirt sleeves. The shorter man to his right wears a sports jacket. Both men wear glasses.
  • Closeup view of interior of display case, showing three documents in black and white. The poster reads "Refugee." The title on another page reads "The Refugee" and shows a photograph of people protesting. To the left is a typed descriptive label.
  • Four women stand talking before an open doorway. The woman at far left has long hair and wears a red and black sweater. The red-headed woman next to her has a striped scarf and dark top and skirt. The two women listening to the others talking are both blonde with glasses. The woman at far right wears a black face mask.
  • Two women peer into a lit display case. One has long black hair and a black jacket. The one to her left has shoulder-length hair and glasses, wears a beige coat and points to an object in the case.
  • A tall man and two women pose, smiling for the camera. The man has a brown and black jacket over a blue sweater and white shirt. The woman at center has black hair, glasses, and a black dress. The woman at far right has long dark hair, a dark dress, and a long black, white, and brown scarf.
February 28, 2023

Visitors gathered for the opening of the new Hanke Gallery’s third exhibition, Empire and Resistance: Transisthmian Views of Central America. Michelle Light, associate university librarian for special collections and director of Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, opened the event with introductory remarks. Curator Nancy Escalante, PhD student in American Studies, spoke about her research and curatorial process. Her faculty advisor, Stephen Pitti, professor of History and American Studies, expressed gratitude for Escalante’s contributions to the program and the university. Jessica Tai, former resident processing archivist at Beinecke Library, was Escalante’s librarian advisor.

The exhibition is on view in Sterling Memorial Library through August 13.

Photos by Judy Sirota Rosenthal