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Large marble interior with chandeliers and arched ceilings. Large video display shows seated man with grey hair, glasses, white shirt, dark tie, and jacket.
February 1, 2023
Recordings and objects from the collection of Yale Library’s Fortunoff Video Archive of Holocaust Testimonies are on display in an international exhibit in Vienna.
Closeup of a poster that reads "For all the women who have died from Aids!" and a framed white drawing that reads "For Women Prisoners" and the red cover of a book titled Let the Record Show: A Political History of Act Up New York 1987-1993
January 31, 2023
In February, there will be four info sessions for rising seniors about a summer fellowship on Yale campus and the opportunity to curate an original exhibit in Sterling Library.
Exhibition poster with background progressing from blue at left to hot pink at right. The white lettering reads "Maker of a Kindly Permanence: Oral History of American Music at Yale." In the lower right are eight white vertical half circles.
January 31, 2023
These ten exhibitions—in Bass, Beinecke, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Gilmore Music Library, Haas Family Arts Library, Lewis Walpole, and Sterling Memorial—are each worth a visit.
Black woman with freckles smiling, wearing a white cap with a black and red textured border. Her short black bangs extend from front of the cap. She wears a white turtleneck top with red blue and yellow jewels embroidered on the shoulders and a gold beaded necklace. The background is red and shows her profile in shadow
January 29, 2023
Submit your recommendations—in person at Bass or online—to help build Yale Library’s growing collection of books by and about people of color.
Close-up view of a glass display glass that shows a small yellowed horizontal scroll with Japanese characters in black ink. The scroll is in a white frame. Sitting behind the frame on a raised surface is a miniature wooden pagoda and a photograph showing the underside of the pagoda and Japanese characters there that spell the pagoda maker's name
January 25, 2023
A woodblock print of Buddhist prayers—dating from the eighth century—now sits alongside the fifteenth-century Gutenberg Bible, the first book-length work printed with movable time, in the Beinecke Library’s mezzanine exhibit.
Inside book pages showing marbled papers inside front and back covers. Photo on left page shows woman in black Turkish dress with green socks and blue shoes stepping up a ladder in a garden with greenery around her feet; photo at right shows face of young girl looking at camera with three yellow flowers in the foreground in front of her mouth.
January 21, 2023
Visit Haas Family Arts Library for a peek at the newly acquired, prize-winning photo books from the New York Art Book Fair.
Four book covers: from left to right, a white cover with black type reading The Other Side of Prospect; a beige cover with red type reading The War on Music; a grey cover with white type reading Hell Bent; a black cover with yellow type reading The Madman in the White House with a silhouetted photo of Woodrow Wilson's face and black hat
January 19, 2023
A new season of Yale Library Book Talks presents the latest fiction and nonfiction by four acclaimed authors: Leigh Bardugo, Nicholas Dawidoff, John Mauceri, and Patrick Weil.