Staff Directory

Name and Title Contact Info Department
Adiba Nabiz's picture Nabiz, Adiba
Library Service Assistant
+1 (203) 432-3439
Marx Science and Social Science Library : Access, Collections, and Technical Services
Wahid Nabiz's picture Nabiz, Wahid
Lead Acquisitions Assistant
+1 (203) 436-3884
Technical Services : Monographic Processing Services : Ordering and non-Latin Script Receipt and Cataloging
Haruko Nakamura's picture Nakamura, Haruko
Librarian for Japanese Studies
(203) 432-1792
Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support (DASHRS) : East Asia Library
Katherine Nance's picture Nance, Katherine
Collections Maintenance Supervisor Library Collection Services and Operations : Collections Maintenance
Megan Nance's picture Nance, Megan
Access Services Librarian
(203) 737-2838
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library : Access and Delivery Services
Diane Napert's picture Napert, Diane
Director of Monographic Processing Services
(203) 432-7259
Technical Services
Stephen Naron's picture Naron, Stephen
Director, Fortunoff Video Archive Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library : Collections, Research, and Education
Elisa Nascimento's picture Nascimento, Elisa
E-Content Management Librarian
(203) 432-1835
Technical Services : E-Resources and Serials Management : Acquisitions Team
Archer Neilson's picture Neilson, Archer
Program Coordinator, Expert Resource
+1 (203) 432-0149
Film Archive
Matt Nelson's picture Nelson, Matt
Catalog Assist 4, Copy Cataloging and Acquisitions Technical Services : Monographic Processing Services : Latin Script Receipt and Cataloging
Risë Nelson's picture Nelson, Risë
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Library Administration
Zsuzsanna Nemeth's picture Nemeth, Zsuzsanna
Head of Clinical Research and Education Cushing/Whitney Medical Library : Clinical Research and Education
Youn Noh's picture Noh, Youn
Research Information Management Librarian
(203) 436-8903
Technical Services : Resource Discovery Services : Metadata Services
Jenn Nolte's picture Nolte, Jenn
UX Researcher
(203) 432-4878
Assessment and User Experience Research (AUXR)
Jeanette Norris's picture Norris, Jeanette
Manager, Monographic Cataloging Latin Script Unit Technical Services : Monographic Processing Services : Latin Script Receipt and Cataloging